Free 3D glove model

1 year ago

Once I needed a free 3D glove model for creating my personal project, but I couldn’t find anything suitable and free. After several hours of searching, I realized that such a model simply doesn’t exist in the great open access.

Бепслатная модель 3D перчатки для Marvelous + FBX формат Free 3d glove

Well, I decided to try to create my dream glove myself, but 2-3 hours of video tutorials on “How to create a glove?” made me realize that this task is not as easy as it seemed.


Desperate, I accidentally found information that saved selections on a model can be imported into Marvelous as a pattern. This significantly changed the situation and a simple glove appeared before me! All I had to do was adjust the seams, and fabric tension, and then I could continue working on it.

I am very pleased to share my developments with you completely free of charge. Use it as you wish. There should be at least one free 3D glove on the internet!

Choose the pill, Neo! And get your free 3D glove model!

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